Packaging design for Cookie Brothers

The packaging tells the story about two brothers and their journey to find the perfect cookie.
Their brand became Cookie Brothers.

Cookie Brothers, The Story

This is a story about two brothers from the Netherlands, who really liked cookies. They ate a lot of cookies, so they considered themselves real experts. These experts ate all the cookies they could find, looking for the one, perfect cookie. As their search for the perfect cookie continued, they became a little gloomy. Where to find the perfect cookie? All of a sudden one of the brothers felt like making their own cookie! How about that!? They baked, ate and baked and ate again. As there were so many cookies to be loved, the brothers decided to only place their favourites on the market, to spread the cookie love! To all the cookie loving people, high five and spread the love!

Voor de Cookie Brothers is een krachtig en herkenbaar merkbeeld ontwikkeld die precies aansluit bij het concept.

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